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    Mahdieh Shokrollahi Barough
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    Iran University of Medical Sciences
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    PhD Student
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    I was recognized as the best university student at my previous university (MSc) and was able to win the best university researcher award and this year I got third place in the ranking of doctoral students in the national entrance exam. During my master's degree, I worked on 11 research projects in addition to my thesis topic, the articles in my scientific profile are related to these research projects. After graduation of the Master course, I worked on large-scale research projects at research centers for four years, some of which are still ongoing and articles related to them are also being published. Ihave experience in executing tasks such as administration of the congress website at the 3rd International Congress of Immunology, Asthma, and Allergy [ICIAAI] and have been able to play an important role in holding the Congress. I am currently looking for a challenging opportunity within the science sector.