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    Mariko Okada
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    Osaka University
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    Tenured Faculty
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    PhD. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
    1988-1996, Novo Nordisk Bioindustry, Ltd.
    1996-1999, University of California, Davis, USA.
    2000-2016, RIKEN Institute
    2016-present, Professor, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University
    Research Interest:
    Signaling network in cancer and immune systems.
    Mathematical modeling, Omics data analysis, Live cell imaging analysis, Systems biology
    Inoue K, et al. Oscillation dynamics underlies functional switching of NF-κB for B cell activation. npj Systems Biology & Applications 16024, 2016.
    Shinohara H, et al. Positive feedback within a kinase signaling complex functions as a switch mechanism for NF-κB activation. Science 344(6185): 760-764, 2014.
    Nakakuki T, et al. Ligand-specific c-Fos expression emerges from the spatiotemporal control of ErbB network dynamics. Cell 141(5): 884-896, 2010.