Minutes of FIMSA Council Meeting at IUIS2023


Participants; Sunil Arora, Laura Mackay, Osamu Takeuchi, Kiyoshi Takeda, and Council members Di Yu (Australia and New Zealand), Amit Awasthi (India), Mehrnaz Mesdaghi (Iran), Tanapat Palaga (Thailand), Singapore, and Kazuyo Moro (Japan). 

1. Opening remarks
Dr. Sunil Arora opened the meeting and all the participants introduced themselves.

2. Distribution of FIMSA Travel awards to 20 selected Students/Post-docs
Dr. Sunil Arora and Dr. Kiyoshi Takeda successfully distributed travel awards to all the selected awardees.

3. Discussion regarding the upcoming FIMSA Immunology Course at Chiba Japan
Preparations for the FIMSA training course in Chiba, Japan scheduled for Jan 15 to 16, 2024 is going smoothly.

4. Discussion regarding upcoming FIMSA Congress-2024 at Taipei, Taiwan
A representative of Taiwan society did not show up.

5. Announcement of venue for FIMSA Immunology Courses for 2025 and 2026
ASI proposed hosting the FIMSA training course in 2026 in Australia (venue yet to be determined).
India proposed to host the FIMSA training course in 2025.

6. Announcement of venue for FIMSA Congress-2027
India has proposed hosting the FIMSA Congress in 2027 at THSTI, Fardabad, India.

7. IUIS2031
ASI presented their bid for IUIS2031 in Brisbane.
Although a KAI representative could not attend due to hosting a session concurrently, KAI also expresses interest in hosting IUIS2031 in Korea.

8. Next FIMSA ExCo election
The next election will be held during the FIMSA2024 in Taipei.