Minutes of the 2023 Second Virtual FIMSA Council Meeting


The 2023 Second FIMSA Council Meeting was held on August 23 virtually under the Chairmanship of Dr. Sunil K. Arora, President of FIMSA. The meeting was attended by Dr. Bo Huang (Secretary General); Dr. Osamu Takeuchi (Vice-President) and FIMSA councilors: Dr. Yuzhang Wu, Dr. Tanapat Palaga, Dr. Mehrnaz Mesdaghi, Dr. Amit Awasthi, Dr. Nicholas Gascoigne and Dr. Young-Min Hyun. The meeting was co-hosted by Dr. Zhubo Chen and Dr. Jie Yao from FIMSA-secretariat. Drs. Laura Mackay, Di Yu, Kiyoshi Takada, Liwei Lu could not attend the meeting due to preoccupation but agreed to support the decisions taken by the council members in this meeting.

The main agenda of this meeting is selection of FIMSA travel awards for IUIS 2023 Congress at Cape Town. Dr. Sunil Arora introduced the situation of applications, that the total number of short list applications is 16 based on the criteria and they could all be accepted because the total number is 20.

Dr. Mehrnaz Mesdaghi asked if Iran Society could have more awardees for they received quite a lot applications, and Dr. Sunil Arora proposed maybe one more Iran candidate could be accepted since they have 4 applications already. Dr. Amit Awasthi suggested to keep a waiting list if any applications decide to accept other fundings. Dr. Mehrnaz Mesdaghi suggested the possibility that candidates could not attend the meeting and the situation should be informed shortly. So, Dr. Arora will send an 
email to council members of the final list of the awardees today and council membersshould respond about the situation of candidates before August 26th (Friday).

Before the end of the meeting Dr. Arora invited everyone to attend FIMSA Council Meeting in Cape Town. Dr. Osamu Takeuchi announced that the FIMSA Advanced Course will be held during January 15-16, 2024 and he proposed to use FIMSA funding to support extra 10 travel awards. Dr. Arora replied that normally the host society should get 15,000 USD FIMSA funding to organize the meeting and it is up to the host to decide how to use it.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from the chair.