Summary of the virtual 2021 FIMSA Council Meeting


The virtual 2021 FIMSA Council Meeting was successfully held on November 1st, 2021. All FIMSA council members and 4 other attendees attended this meeting.

Dr. Laura Mackay, the President of FIMSA, gave her welcome speech and introduced the achievements made by FIMSA and member societies during the past three years. Dr. Xuetao Cao, the Secretary General, following his thanks to all council members for their support of his 6 serving years, promised that CSI would maintain the FIMSA website with financial support, and proposed to increase travel awards to early career researchers in all FIMSA initiatives. Dr. Kiyoshi Takeda, the Treasurer of FIMSA, gave FIMSA’s finance report from October 2019 to August 2021. 11 council members respectively introduced the activities and developments of their local societies.

The meeting discussed updated guidelines and policies of FIMSA, including FIMSA councillor term policy, FIMSA gender equity speaker policy, and FIMSA meeting financial policy. These topics aim to establish a maximum term length for all FIMSA Council members, to continually promote the percentage of female speakers, and to ensure successive FIMSA Council members and FIMSA Treasury and FIMSA meeting organizers are aware of financial obligations and limitations to FIMSA-funded events.

The meeting elected FIMSA EXCO members for the term of 2022-2024. Dr. Sunil Arora from India, Vice President of FIMSA, was elected as the President of FIMSA. Dr. Osamu Takeuchi from Japan was elected as the Vice President of FIMSA. Dr. Bo Huang from China was elected as Secretary General of FIMSA.

The meeting also discussed the plans of future FIMSA meetings. Japanese Society for Immunology proposed to organize FIMSA Advanced Course 2023 in Chiba, Japan. 9th FIMSA Congress 2024 was voted to be held by Society for Immunology Located in Taipei. And Indian Immunology Society proposed to organize 10th FIMSA Congress 2027.